Bamboo Windows and Doors

Bamboo Windows and Doors

PELLEGRINI Coplanar Bamboo windowsand doors combine exotic charm with a minimal and elegant design much appreciated by architects and interior designers. The clean-line design makes them windows for transversal use, suitable both for fusions with the modern and in situations of restoration and renovation. Already from the first specialized fairs they aroused great interest, confirmed then by the high popularity of the market.

Unique, News the Originals

No one before had dared so much bringing the fixtures to these levels. Bamboo frames are part of the PELLEGRINI NATURA line, dedicated to natural essences such as wood and bamboo. All focused on a central theme: HOME WELLNESS. This is a theme that we are very fond of in PELLEGRINI, because the windows and doors we produce are what we would like first of all in our homes and in those of our children.


Bamboo windows for PELLEGRINI represented an important challenge, won thanks to the long research work of PELLEGRINI LAB. The department within the company is concerned with finding avant-garde solutions in the trade of windows and doors, both from a technical and design point of view, as well as for living well-being. The goal was to create a window with unique features, and we made it.

PELLEGRINI Bamboo windows and doors why choose them


Giant Bamboo is a material used for buildings since ancient times, due to its high structural characteristics. Bamboo has been defined as the plant of the future, due to its biological characteristics, it has a high growth rate, absorbs high CO2 levels, has a high productivity per hectare, which implies a lower exploitation of the territories for reforestation. It is renewable and reusable.


The stability of the window over time derives from the lamellar structure that constitutes the beam from which we start to create the profile, which adds to the great resistance of the individual fibers of the plant. This non-secondary aspect elevates the technical characteristics of the Bamboo window which becomes very durable over time. Bamboo is also very light, resulting in a frame that stresses the moving parts less.


One of the most interesting characteristics of Bamboo windows is its high resistance to humidity. Outdoor floors and furniture, tops for bathroom furniture, work surfaces for the kitchen. Just think of these uses to quickly realize how bamboo is a water-resistant material. It also has little known antibacterial properties (moth and mold proof, antiallergic).


Bamboo has an important stage presence, the textures designed by its veins are of great impact both in the case of applications on modern homes and in the case of renovations. It offers the best in different solutions, both as a fixed frame, rather than as a sliding door or entrance door. The coplanarity of the frame with the window allows to obtain a very elegant line.


Bamboo windows and doors are also available in the natural version: provides the Bamboo windows and doors to be oiled instead of painted, a nice advantage because there are no parts that deteriorate due to the weather. This means that this window material has a high resistance even in particular conditions such as those in marine locations. All you need is a cloth for a dusting and the window returns to its initial splendor.

Also available painted in any color.

The coplanar profile for refined and elegant bamboo windows and doors

Serramento in bamboo

PELLEGRINI Bamboo windows and doors who have already chosen them

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“In this renovation made in Venice, we chose bamboo windows, as we wanted to obtain a strong aesthetic value – combining them with bamboo floors – also achieving quality and functionality – windows are elegant and cleanly durable. We believe that the final outcome is more than satisfactory.”

Arch. Claudio Aldegheri

“An unexpected choice rewarded by a sincere material, carefully worked.”

Arch. Alberto Del Maschio


Bamboo Windows and Doors as they are born

The production of all Pellegrini windows and doors takes place entirely in Italy and precisely in Castions di Zoppola in the province of Pordenone since 1930. Bamboo Pellegrini windows and doors also respect this long tradition, made up of knowledge handed down for generations and continuous research of solutions and technologies of the materials capable of offering advantages for living well-being. The bamboo window frame certainly brings many advantages, but above all as we always repeat in Pellegrini: “They love it

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