ISOL BLOC ORO is the best solution for slide-away box that also includes the windowsill available in two different versions: REGOLO and STRATO.

In the same way as REGOLO, STRATO is versatile and extremely customizable it’s capable to unite its technical performances to an innovative and elegant design.

STRATO and REGOLO represent the right solution to minimise the heat loss, to speed up the installation and to guarantee doors and windows’ performances.


STRATO actually, together with our wire laying, completely hides the frame and it optimizes the glazed surfaces.

This windowsill has been designed in order to allow an extreme improvement of doors and windows’ (and of the involved wall’s part) thermal and acoustic performances, thanks to its particular insulating stratification.

Regolo is the windowsill suitable for every kind of building situation. It’s versatile and customizable, thanks to a rich range of colours, shapes and finishes. Regolo can be used not only within new holdings but also in the event of restructuring. The particular alloy of which it consists, allows the heat loss without overheating the wall’s aperture.