The window dedicated  to those who love light,
with minimal and coplanar design

PELLEGRINI Struttura Luce 45

The window that was born with the ambition to leave as much space as possible to light, a source of energy and life, capable of giving homes a new level of modernity.

Light has always drawn our world, defining its contours.

With this product, PELLEGRINI also wanted to redefine the contours of the minimal window, moving to a new design and construction concept that allowed us to bring light to the foreground.

PELLEGRINI Struttura Luce 45 is the line of windows in Wood-Aluminium with a further reduced coplanar section compared to the Struttura SLIM model, with a 45 mm leaf.

It arises from a new design concept, which by making the most of the technological characteristics of the materials used has allowed to raise the status of windows to the highest levels.

The new STRUTTURA LUCE profile was created to give the customer the feeling of a window that blends with the design of their home, able to communicate continuity with the outside thanks to the glass surfaces.

The design element that makes your home unique!

Designed to be your Made in Italy customized windows and doors

Our design team is able to follow you in the customization phase of the window, allowing you to select not only the measurements according to the needs but also the type of finish.

If you wish, you can follow the production that for PELLEGRINI still maintains many artisan phases, in which the skilled hands of our expert wood-workers know how to add the magic of a PELLEGRINI window. Ours is a real Made in Italy, come and see for yourself.

PELLEGRINI STRUTTURA LUCE 45 is a coplanar window both inside and outside, which distinguishes it from all the fake coplanar windows in circulation.

The window is made of wood in the inner part of the profile and aluminum on the outside.

With the same hole size, the glass surface increases in percentage terms, giving more brightness to the rooms than windows with a classic frame and greater performance from an energy point of view.

Wood Aluminium a unique combination in the world!

PELLEGRINI STRUTTURA LUCE brings the window to the highest level 

A window must meet different needs and expectations:

• be nice

• integrate with the style of the house to be a authentic furnishing accessory

• be performing from an energy point of view

• be safe

• have low maintenance

• be durable over time keeping intact the qualities for which it was chosen

In PELLEGRINI we started from these characteristics wanting to make the value of our windows and doors even more important, creating a new profile in Wood and Aluminum capable of preserving the attention to detail essential to make Struttura Luce recognizable over time.

Our main goal is always the well-being of living, which we want to bring with our windows to the highest levels by paying the most attention in the choice of design components, of raw materials, of treatments intended to provide positive sensations to those who live in a PELLEGRINI house.

Thanks to the leaf profile hidden in the frame, they are the desire of every architect who can find the most original application solutions. 

Created to give added value to the home.


How to choose a PELLEGRINI Struttura Luce 45 window

The COPLANAR section is intended both INSIDE and OUTSIDE. With the help of concealed hinges, a section of 45 mm, PELLEGRINI STRUTTURA LUCE has all the features to represent the top of our range of MINIMAL windows, making the view from the outside ALL GLASS and from the inside EXTRA MINIMAL.






Leaf thickness 72+34 mm
Frame Thickness 115+9 mm


Lift and slide
Fixed Frame


Matt Lacquered
Embossed Lacquered
Semi-Transparent Painting
Walnut Painting
Heat-treated Pine can be Oiled or Raw