Given that technological intelligence represents the fluttering of wings essential for a turning point, we can reach a complete innovation, a significant improvement and a real refinement of the initial idea only through our long-term tradition.

Experience is being able to do something that feeds on time, i.e. a new house can be built only on tried and tested foundations. A continuous improvement, based on a flexible and effective knowledge’s’ transfer, is our mandatory duty since 1930.

Our handicraft ability, our attention to the selection of the best work materials and, most of all, our passion entirely devoted to wood’s inexhaustible opportunities, always represented the hinges around which, after more than 80 years, we shaped one of the most appreciated working method.

Some of our wonderful historic imagery:
the first self-produced woodworking machines, currently jealously guarded at the old Falegnameria Pellegrini (visit-by-appointment).