PELLEGRINI the italian window in Sestiere Cannaregio – Venice!

Another work experience on a site in Venice, this time directly in the personal home of a professional architect: it was truly a privilege to be able to participate in improving the living comfort of his home, in recovering a situation at risk of deterioration, in a historical place not easy to access and maintain, given the difficult climate and the age of the building.

It was necessary to replace both the windows and the shutters: a useful intervention to improve energy efficiency, trying to achieve great performance from the thermal point of view, as well as rehabilitation from an aesthetic point of view.

Given the climate characterized by a constant and high humidity rate, and by poor ventilation, with consequent production of condensation, moisture and poor air quality in the house, Pellegrini installed 3 different windows, all in laminated wood, lacquered in white, with tricoat hardware against saltiness, Structure 80 with aluminium covering, Natura 80 and Era 80, all with double-chamber glass.

All completed by interior curtains on glazing bead, with filtering material, adjustable by means of a spring system and positioning notches for even better light management.

In particular, on the attic floor we have replaced and arranged a dormer window (loft window) and all its outline, made of over one hundred-year-old wooden elements, which gave the first signs of deterioration.

Our intervention consisted in the construction and installation of new joists and elements that can giv further life expectancy.

The shutters were reproduced on the basis of the existing model, with internal shingles and externa vertical slats, and of the previous colour (green) in order to respect the urban rules of the city of Venice.

Venice is made fascinating by its access and construction characteristics. Narrow stairs to go up to the floor, spiral staircase in the house to reach the attic, respect for the existing structure and the ancient walls are the particular things in which one must adapt in this profession, for a work done in a workmanlike manner and appreciated in a very positive way by the architect, so much so that he proposes us to his clients in Venice.

These are his words that he spontaneously gave us: The windows of this house, made by the Pellegrini carpentry, are the synthesis of careful work, built in the laboratory and installed by the hands of expert artisans.

These have been able to intervene in an inhabited context, in the Venetian reality, with capacity and discretion, reaching a high-quality level and with excellent internal comfort.

Arch. Claudio Aldegheri