Pellegrini the italian window: new material colours!

With the evolution of technology, so do the materials. Consequently our sensitivity and our taste for design also changes.

We are looking for furnishings covered with special, high-quality, full-bodied, MATERIAL products! Wall and floor coverings offered in a natural, raw color palette with a MATERIAL effect.

Pellegrini the italian window offers coplanar windows in wood, wooden-aluminum and wooden-glass, minimal, of design, increasingly appreciated by architects and professionals in the construction sector.

Pellegrini has included in its range of colors, a new “MATERIAL” series precisely with a view to completing the modern window frame and meeting the aesthetic needs of an architectural project.

The 6 colors proposed are inspired by natural products, also recalling products used in everyday life: Milk, Cream, Coffee, Mud, Ash, Glossy Tobacco and Matt Tobacco.

We invite you to discover this news at our head offices in Castions di Zoppola!