Falegnameria Pellegrini was born in 1930 as wooden windows and doors’ handicraft manufacturer; always at the forefront as regards technology-levels and quality-standards.

Our brand is synonymous with valuable products, studied down to the last details and manufactured employing high-level and selected wood’s qualities. Wood is the best reference material to use in order to obtain high-level features of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Always respectful of nature and environment, in the last years our company specialised in the manufacturing of legno/alluminio wooden frames. Falegnameria Pellegrini principally aims to the complete satisfaction of the customer’s requirements, perfectly guaranteed by a constantly evolving search for new solutions and products.


In 2013 our new brand was launched: a new possibility for us to open up to new business’ development horizons bringing in new procedures and products’ lines, based on an increasingly in-depth research activity.